Artunio - new social network for the arts!

Gain access to a new social network for all of us – art lovers. Available after the official launch.

On Artunio you will find:

Free artistic content

Are you an artist or do you love art? Then this platform is exactly for you!

• Only artistic and culturally relevant content

• For all genres, all artists and art lovers

• No restrictive algorithms and vanity metrics

Art supporting communities

Find new ways to connect with art loving communities and get to know your favorite artists better!

• Just be yourselves

• Closer interactions between artists and audience

• Learn, share and grow with like-minded communities

Cultural and artistic organizations

Get important information, updates and event information from your favorite organizations through Artunio.

• Creative process from artists and in – progress work

• Event information from local organizations but also outside your reach

• Inspiring content, insights, updates

Build and expand your audience

Build, expand and invite wider audiences to interact and attend your events if you are an organization or individual artist.

• Create a professional profile that highlighting your activities

• For all artists, professionals and organizationss in the arts and culture

• Use digital tools to build your audience faster and make an inpact

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