We are a passionate and dedicated team building Artunio for you

Our main goal is to create the first social network dedicated to the arts.

We are fusing traditional approaches in the arts with smart digital tools to help artists fulfill their potential!

We believe that art makes the world a better place.

Our mission is to create digital tools to enable artists and people working in the cultural and creative fields to reach their full potential. Starting with their own social network called Artunio.

Our current goals:

Artunio - social network

For artists to have a social network where artists are in the spotlight again.

Artunio Gigs

For artists worldwide to access gig opportunities more easily.

Our future goals:

Artunio Artist Profile

For artists to promote their work and projects in the most effective way possible.

Artunio Learning

For art teachers to have more options to share their knowledge and raise income.

Artunio Audience

For artists to build audiences and receive support for their projects.

Artunio Job Finder

For artists to find, apply and get more work opportunities locally and globally.

Artunio Event Manager

For event organizers and promoters to manage their work effectively.

Artunio Gallery

For artists to have a digital exhibition space and sell their artworks.

Meet our team


Project Manager/ Booking coordinator


Marketing / Communication


Booking coordinator


Platform developer / Booking coordinator


Head of IT / Platform developer


Booking coordinator

Contact us

Timotej Vráb

Phone: +421 917 07 43 25
Email: timotej.vrab@gmail.com