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Take a closer look on what is Artunio and why it is important on this page.

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What is Artunio?

Artunio is a social network for everyone who loves art and wants to experience it on a platform that is dedicated to putting arts and artists in the spotlight. Whether it’s music, theater, dance, visual arts or any other art form – Artunio covers them all.

Is Artunio a social network?

Fundamentally yes. However, it will have specific features for their users to experience and connect with art and connect with their favorite artists better. Life on Artunio will be very different from what you are used to right now because you will only find artistic content on the platform. 

What are the benefits and what do I get with Artunio? 

  1. Free content – After the crowdfunding campaign, we will launch Artunio which you will be able to download on your phone. With the app, you will have access to all the content, news, interesting facts and updates from the world of arts and culture for FREE.


    You will be able to focus on what interests you the most by choosing your preferred art content. i.e. classical music or contemporary theater, and join chat groups dedicated to those topics. Users can create their own private groups for their students, fans, supporters and friends who share the same love for the arts.


  2. Exclusive content – In addition to the free content, you will also be able to access exclusive material from your favorite artists or organizations such as theaters, schools, orchestras, bands, NGOs and many more through a monthly subscription. This way, you would be able to directly support the artists and their work.

    This includes all their creative processes, behind the scenes, educational material, updates etc. You know, many artists create and provide so much value but often for free. Now, you will have the option to financially support them and motivate them to create more of what you love.


  3. Latest Updates – You will be notified about all artistic and cultural events through the platform, so you will never miss anything exciting ever. This includes events within your local area but also those outside your reach in the form of workshops, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, performances etc.


  4. Connectivity and Interactivity – Yes, it is a social network, which means the chance to communicate and interact with all the users and their content on the platform. How? Through posting, sharing, commenting so we can stay better connected with each other!

When can I sign up on Artunio?

Artunio will be launched six months after a successful crowdfunding campaign for all users to sign up, create their profiles and start using the new social network.

Is Artunio free?

Yes, it is and will always be FREE. Our income will be based on advertising revenue and additional subscriptions for specific features. You will only find relevant ads on Artunio.

Will there be ads?

Yes. We will provide users with the ability to run paid ads on the platform, which will strictly be industry-related. For example cultural or artistic events, workshops, concerts or ads promoting music instruments, books etc..

How to generate income through Artunio?

Users would be able to create exclusive content about their creative process, behind the scenes, professional or personal life and other users would be able to unlock this content with a monthly subscription. This way artists would have an option to generate monthly income from their content. 

Who is Artunio for?

Artunio is a social network for everyone who loves art and wants to experience it on a platform that is dedicated to putting arts and artists in the spotlight. Whether it’s music, theater, dance, visual arts or any other art form – Artunio covers them all.

Simply said – it’s for people who are tired of the way popular social media like Instagram or TikTok work and would rather experience or connect with art on a different platform built for that purpose.

It’s for artists and art lovers who want to be inspired by art, who want to build a better connection with their favorite artists and also for people who want to directly support artists and their work.

Artunio is for those who think the arts deserve a second chance and artists their space, where their work and content can now be properly valued and celebrated.

What can I do to receive Artunio?

There are two things you can do to receive Artunio.

The first one: Choose one of the crowdfunding options – called perks. By choosing one, you will gain access to all the exclusive content from every artist on Artunio for a specific amount of time ranging from one to more than 24 months. Yes, that’s right. All exclusive content from all your favorite artists!

Wait, that’s not it. You can also choose your preferred date to start your access to the exclusive content, so it’s all according to your convenience. 

These amazing options are available only throughout the crowdfunding campaign. After that, you will have to instead subscribe to each individual artist to unlock any exclusive content.

The second one: Share the word of Artunio with your community both online and offline. To do that – Go to our Instagram, choose one or more of our reels and share them in your stories. You can also record a video to introduce Artunio to your followers and invite them to become part of the crowdfunding campaign as well. This way, we would then be able to raise enough resources faster.

What is Artunio Gigs and how is it going to work?

“Artunio Gigs” is one of the features of Artunio. It will allow artists to get booked on events around the world easier and without commission! Artists will be able to get booked by more than 400 festivals around the world from many art forms!

How is the $100,000 to be used?

Our prior experiences within the industry has shed light on the necessary expenses of hiring skilled professionals who can deliver the best possible product within our projected time frame of 6 months. So before your head explodes, just know that the $100k will be distributed among salaries for the development team, legalities, data security and other basic operational costs.

When will the crowdfunding campaign be launched?

The start of the crowdfunding campaign is set for the 16th of October this year.

Is Artunio a global project?

Yes. A lot of creators don’t have the opportunity to use certain platforms outside their countries due to language or privacy concerns. We intend to provide Artunio in multiple languages so more professional opportunities can be made accessible to artists from all corners of the world. Artists would be able to build audiences worldwide.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform that democratizes the way people raise funds for any project such as creative, entrepreneurial, or cause-related. The platform enables individuals and startups to generate pre-product sales and collect feedback from early adopters before they begin manufacturing. 

What is crowdfunding?

If you are new to crowdfunding or Indiegogo you may not know how it all works and what are perks. Basically Indiegogo is a digital platform where you can support a project you want to become a reality.

The people working on the project therefore don’t need to have a lot of capital to start with. They also find out how many people are interested in their project.

You can decide to support their project by donating a small sum of money and in return for your financial support you can choose among perks that are available. They are a way to say thank you and also provide you with value.

If you are not familiar with crowdfunding and have a feeling that it is not safe or you have more questions, visit or and find out how many amazing projects were created with crowdfunding!

Why is Artunio important ? 

This is a very good question. So, we started to work on Artunio about two years ago and what we started with is interviewing artists from around the world regarding struggles in their professional careers and what they thought would help them achieve their goals. 

We’ve spoken to artists from Japan, Malaysia, Senegal, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, Israel, US, Italy, Spain, Germany etc. And the problems that emerged were so individually different for each country and even art form. For example, classical musicians need to build their careers very differently from filmmakers or even jazz musicians.

The issues vary from very pragmatic issues such as not having enough work opportunities, or a lack of resources to fund their artistic projects, audience building, and the uninviting environment created by popular social media. You  know, basically how their work is perceived with the surrounding content.

And I get it, it’s like going into a local pub and trying to show your artistic work there. You see, Instagram is suited more for fashion, travel, lifestyle, food etc. So it’s not only about what or how you post, it’s really about where you post. 

Through all our conversations with said artists, we agreed that a huge source of the problems are directly connected with the way social media works and that significant change was needed. 

For that to happen, we need our own art ecosystem – our own social network which will help artists around the world bring arts closer to people – to you.

So, it became our mission to help artists and people working in the arts and culture to build that ecosystem, to build Artunio, where you can not only enjoy the arts in an environment designed for that purpose, but to also help artists build sustainable careers. That’s why Artunio ís important. 

How is Artunio different?

Artunio is different in many ways and here are the three main principles. 

  1. Art Ecosystem – Firstly, Artunio is entirely focused on artistic, cultural and creative content. This means less irrelevant ads, clickbaits, pranks or politics you’ll find on popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. On Artunio, you’ll find events, workshops, concerts, artworks, movies, performances, galleries, theaters, important news and updates from the art world. 

    There will be no restrictive algorithms setting boundaries for artists regarding what, when and how they should post something. Artists can therefore be free to express themselves!

    Those algorithms are sometimes also standing in the way of art or similar content reaching you. You are flooded with a mix of viral content that steals your attention. For example, this soap cutting video with 15 million views.

    Artunio as an Art Ecosystem means bringing artists back into the spotlight by bringing their work and content closer to you.


  2. Authentic Connections Secondly, with Artunio you will be able to make more genuine connections with your favorite artists.


    You will be able to find artists around the world more easily since the platform is designed for this purpose.


    Without restrictive algorithms, artists can create and post what they truly want which allows you to interact and dive into the essence of their creations more deeply.


    Also, you will be able to join the private groups of your favorite artists where they might share more from their professional or personal plans and even educational material for free.


    And most importantly, you can gain access to the exclusive content of your favorite artists for an affordable monthly subscription.


  3. Impact with Creativity – The third principle is – Impact with Creativity


    We want to change the way people perceive art by reducing the pressure of being ‘liked’. Arts cannot be valued through a click of a button, and needs a much deeper sense of appreciation. 


    So we intend to remove a ‘like’ button that you’ll normally find in all the other platforms. Instead, you can let the artists know how their content impacted you. Were you educated, moved or inspired? This way, they would be able to see their weekly, monthly or even yearly summary of how many people they have rightfully impacted. 


    On top of it all, Artunio Gigs will provide musicians and other artists new networking opportunities and the chance to be booked for festivals and other events around the world.

Who are we? 

My name is Timothy, and alongside a professional artist, marketer, and web developers, we are a team of passionate individuals who share a burning desire to revolutionize the way art is shared and valued! 

After spending many years studying and working in the arts, marketing and software development, we decided to bring those skills and experiences together to build something that has never been done before. A social network for all of us art lovers!

If you like what we do and also wish to have a social network for the arts, don’t forget to choose a perk and share our crowdfunding campaign. Join us to revolutionize the world of arts!

The campaign is live!