Artunio Event Manager feature is not available at the moment.

Artunio Event Manager feature is not available at the moment.

Watch the video preview and find out how it is going to work and what benefits it will bring.

a) Only events in artistic, creative and cultural fields.
Are you preparing a workshop, exhibition, concert, or any type of event in the artistic, creative or cultural field? Create and promote it on Artunio.

b) One-day events, festivals and long-term exhibitions.
Create and promote one day workshops, festivals that last for a week and even long exhibitions and projects.

c) Simplified event organization and tickets under one roof.
Do not spread work on your event on dozens of platforms. Use your time effectively and have your audience, event, tickets, and more under your control on Artunio.

d) Event map reaching new audiences.
Pin your event on the Artunio Event Map and let people in the vicinity of that location be notified that there is an event they might be interested in and directly buy tickets. Reach people interested in this type of event from greater distances.

e) More tickets sold for less effort
Since Artunio is designed to make reaching out to audiences easy, maximize the effectiveness of your work and sell more tickets. The Artunio Event Manager works for you while you sleep.

Steps for using  Artunio Event Manager and Artunio Tickets:

    1. You will create an Event and pin it on the map
    2. You will describe your Event, set up tickets for sale, use Artunio Event Manager to easily reach audiences and maximize attendance.
    3. You will reach out to the right audience and sell all your tickets!

Events received a critical, if not deadly, blow during the pandemic often leaving artists without work. It is also getting harder to promote events for artists that cannot afford professional marketing.

They are therefore often left with few options to promote their work – mostly on social media. Facebook or Instagram are not designed to help you promote your events and you need to put a lot of effort into creating content around your event or workshop. Time that could be spent more effectively.

One of the Artunio goals is to create an environment for artists hosting events to have better financial conditions.

With the Event Map and ticket selling system, Artunio will connect many already existing functionalities that are available on other platforms and a social network under one roof!

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