Promote and manage events easily with our Event Manager

Pin your event on the Artunio map and let people in the vicinity of that location be notified that there is an event they might be interested in and directly buy tickets. Reach people interested in this type of events from greater distances.

Present and sell your art easily through Artunio Gallery

While galleries are still one of the best options, their vulnerability was shown during the pandemic with artists looking for alternative ways to show their art to collectors. Artunio Gallery is meant to connect artists, galleries, and collectors around the world.

Create a professional and customizable Artist Profile

Stop using your social media account as your main portfolio. It makes your work look cheaper, unprofessional, it does not show your real qualities and your follower count may even discourage others to work with you.

Build your audience directly on Artunio Audience

Do you want to create exclusive content visible only to your audience? Reward your most loyal supporters with educational, inspirational content or backstage photos and videos from your performances!

Access work opportunities worldwide through Job Finder

This job finder tool would help artists and creators find jobs in their artistic fields. Artists and professionals in the industry would be able to look for job opportunities, filter them and they would be able to post their own offering.