Pricing and subscription

Subscription plans are not available at the moment. They will be available after the completion of
the platform and other functionalities. However, you can reserve your subscription by picking one of the perks during our Indiegogo campaign and be among the artist that shape the platform, and be
one of the first to use it!

To do that, simply go to the Perks section on our website and pick one that suits you the most. You can also gain a bonus of +3 months to the Artunio Bundle subscription plan when reserving one of the perks now! On the other hand, if you want to find out how the pricing will work after the Indiegogo Campaign and successful launch of the platform, read this article. Since Artunio is a social network with many functionalities, there are different price policies for them.
We divided them into four categories:

a) Free – no payments

Artunio Space would be free for everyone, and you would not need to pay. It will be free for
all users. With the social network for free, you can also use all functionalities but with limited features.

For example, create your first event for free or upload your first online course for free. You can test them out before choosing a plan. The subscription plan is meant for professionals in the field who want to use the platform functionalities for their income generation or business.

b) Subscription plan – 25 $/month

Functionalities created for income generation are mostly based on yearly/monthly subscription plan.
The subscription plan includes all functionalities listed below. With one plan, you can use all of them
without the need to pay a commission. Yes! Even the Fanbase Membership. You only pay for the payment processor.

Job Finder 

• no middleman, zero commission
• direct contact from employers or clients
• only for artistic and creative fields
• customizable profile – no need for costly web pages
• access to work opportunities locally and globally
• custom link for easy sharing

Event Manager

• only events in artistic, creative and cultural fields
• one day events, festivals and long term exhibitions
• simplified event organization and tickets under one roof
• event map reaching new audiences
• more tickets sold for less effort

Artunio Artistic Profile

• verified Artunio account adds to credibility
• customizable and unique portfolio custom link for easy sharing
• forget about expensive website builders
• many beautiful templates
• all Artunio features in one place
• you don’t have to pay for expensive marketing
• give your work the first impression it deserves

Artunio Audience

• customizable and unique portfolio custom link for easy sharing
• zero commission
• reliable monthly income
• only artists, creators and professionals in artistic fields
• your audience and donation / membership plan under one roof
• offline and online artists
• hidden content available only for supporters
• multiple tiers
• digital downloads

Artunio Learning

• online course marketplace
• workshop marketplace
• zero commission 
• only high quality courses in artistic and creative fields
• your students and educational material under one roof
• reach new students
• teach others all around the world

c) Subscription + commission

Fees are paid only for tickets sold through the platform and art pieces when the artist surpasses a
certain threshold for art pieces collectively sold. The threshold number has not been set yet. The fee for ticket, online course or an art piece sold is planned to be around 5% + payment processor fees.

Ticket selling

• only events in artistic, creative and cultural fields
• audience, event information and tickets under one roof
• simplified event organization
• event map reaching new audiences
• more tickets sold for less effort

Online gallery

• zero commission until set threshold
• collectors and your art pieces under one roof
• creative process and backstory content linked to art piece
• we will release funds after the artpiece is delivered unharmed to the collector
• access to collectors and galleries globally and locally

d) Organisation payments

Creative, cultural and artistic organizations, such as galleries, agencies, dance companies, museums,
theatres, event venues, studios operating on daily basis with different needs.
They are also a very essential part of the artistic and culture community. The features and pricing for
those organizations would be available after the launch of the platform including mostly
functionalities making their work easier.

Help us create a social network for you by supporting the project and choose one of the perks!


If you have a question. Just take a look at our blog, where we answer the most frequently asked questions.

How can artists create income with Artunio?

One of the Artunio goals is to create a digital environment where artists would have better financial conditions. This can be achieved by increasing already existing income sources, creating new ones, introducing helpful technology to artists in parts of the world where they are scarce and helping artists with audience building.

Artunio special features

Promote and manage events easily with our Event Manager

Pin your event on the Artunio map and let people in the vicinity of that location be notified that there is an event they might be interested in and directly buy tickets. Reach people interested in this type of events from greater distances.

Present and sell your art easily through Artunio Gallery

While galleries are still one of the best options, their vulnerability was shown during the pandemic with artists looking for alternative ways to show their art to collectors. Artunio Gallery is meant to connect artists, galleries, and collectors around the world.