How can artists create income with Artunio?

Sustainable income for artists and professionals working in the field has been a very problematic issue for decades.

With Artunio, we are solving artistic needs on social media – Instagram and social media are not suited for artists. The pragmatic needs mostly evolve around income but is directly connected to artistic freedom, social security, education, and career development. The symptoms of underestimated art world are increasingly growing and definitively not decreasing. They grew to such a dimension during the pandemic that even governments are concerned about them.

We are based in Europe and there has been a study concluded to find out how bad the situation was in 2020. If you are an artist or work in this field, find time to read it. Even if you are from other part of the world, the situation is more or less the same around the globe. You can find the study here.


Multiple ways how to create income on a single platform

One of the Artunio goals is to create an digital environment where artists would have better financial conditions. This can be achieved by increasing already existing income sources, creating new ones, introducing helpful technology to artists in parts of the world where they are scarce and helping artists with audience building.

Artunio will connect many already existing functionalities that are available on other platforms and a social network for artists and their audience under one roof!

Those functionalities are meant for all artists, creators, or supportive professionals in the art industry. Read – Who is Artunio for? – to find out who Artunio is for!

Artists use social media for many purposes. Most of the time they use it the wrong way. Some artists use it as their main portfolio for career opportunities, others as a hook or a gate to their online courses, arpieces, tickets or to communicate with their audience.

Those activities share the same goal – to create a sustainable income. Artunio goal is to solve those pragmatical issues more effectively.

We divided the sources of income into those categories and every one of them will have a functionality designed to help artists have sustainable sources of income under one roof. Those functionalities are meant for the Indiegogo campaign.

For the functionalities we are planning for the future, read – How we plan to create it?

Artunio Job Finder

This job finder tool would help artists and creators find jobs in their artistic fields. Artists and professionals in the industry would be able to look for job opportunities and also would be able to post their offer in the Artunio Job Finder.

Employers or clients looking for professionals would be able to use a search engine and filters to find the right people for their projects. They would have the option to contact you directly. Event managers would find artists for their projects in one place.

This job finder would not work only for job offers but also for job requests. Job finder will help internationalize careers of artists around the world.

You can also add your CV, videos, photos, or other material to your custom profile. Potential employers or customers would be thus able to see everything about you.

This functionality is meant for all artists, creators, or supportive professionals in the art industry.


    • Access to work opportunities for artists locally and globally
    • No middleman, zero commission

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Artunio Gallery

This tool would help artists creating artworks to sell them online. While galleries are still one of the best options, their vulnerability was shown during the pandemic with artists looking for alternative ways to show their art to collectors.

Artunio Gallery is meant to connect artists, galleries, and collectors around the world.

You would also have your audience under one roof with your artpieces. They can see your creative process and background story, from the content you published to each art piece.


    • Zero commission until set threshold
    • Access to collectors and galleries globally and locally

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Artunio Learning

Through the years of mastering our art, you learn a lot. Share this know-how and knowledge with other passionate artists by creating a valuable educational material and create an effective source of income!

Multiple mediums for learning would be incorporated so if you preffer offline workshops, online courses, you are writing a book or simply want to share interesting insights about your art field it would be possible thorugh Artunio Learning. You would be able to simply choose the type you are interested in. Both from the perspective of a student or a teacher.

The need for online teaching is growing every year and got even bigger during the pandemic. The supply does not meet the demand. That creates a lot of opportunity!


    • Zero commission 
    • Teach others all around the world

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Artunio Event Manager

Events received a critical, if not deadly, blow during the pandemic, often leaving artists without work. It is also getting harder to promote events for artists that cannot afford professional marketing.

They are therefore often left with few options to promote their work – mostly through content they share on social media. Facebook or Instagram are not designed to help you promote your events and you need to put a lot of effort to create content around your event or workshop.

You also have all the steps of the selling tickets process spread on multiple platforms or your own costly website.

That is where Artunio Event Manager comes into place. As an event organizer, you find most, if not all, functionalities to manage your work. Have your audience, your event information and tickets, seating charts, and many more on one platform.

Since Artunio is designed to make reaching out to audiences easy, you maximize the effectiveness of your work.

When you pin your event on the Artunio Event Map, people in the vicinity of that location will be notified that there is an event.


    • Simplified event organization
    • Event map reaching new audiences

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Artunio Artist Profile / Just like a website

Stop using your social media account as your main portfolio. It makes your work look cheaper, unprofessional, it does not show your real qualities and your follower count may even discourage others to work with you.

Your own website would be awesome, but the cost, time and effort you need to put to create it, might not be worth it, since you have to become a digital marketer to make people visit it.

While Artunio Job Finder has all the pragmatic features, the custom portfolio makes your profile and portfolio stand out and be unique to your art and personality.

It is very similar to web – builders like Wix or Squarespace, but focused on the needs of artists and for a more reasonable price. All covered in a single subscription for all other functionalities on Artunio.

With the custom portfolio functionality, you are not limited by the Artunio profile which has only little customization options. The custom portfolio allows you to create a custom, distinctive and professional impression to everyone interacting with you.

It takes your online promotion to the next level with a simply to use web builder. Put a background photo, write a unique copy that highlights your professional career and add all the functionalities that you use on Artunio, so people could find them.


    • Customizable and unique portfolio
    • Forget about expensive marketing

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Artunio Audience

The world has changed for creators and artists since donation platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans emerged almost a decade ago. Artists and creators often have to conform to popular taste or the constraints of ad-based monetization models – therefore, hindering their artistic freedom and well-being.

Membership based platforms are an awesome solution for emerging and also well established artists who want to create an alternative sustainable monthly income from loyal supporters. Early mentioned platforms are focused more on adult content and online content creators.

Artunio Audience is a similar functionality but focused on artists and their audiences. While others focus only on online content creators, Artunio focuses both on artist active offline and online.

Therefore, artists that are focused on offline performances can receive membership donations or one-time donations from the audience.

The audience can directly support artists after the performance – leaving them a donation or joining their membership plan and support the artists on a monthly basis. This is a great solution for all artists that prefer live shows and performances to online content creation.


    • Zero commission
    • Reliable monthly income

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Sustainable income for artists and professionals working in the field has been a very problematic issue for decades. There are many ways for artists to earn money online and offline.

While there are many online solutions out there, it seems that none of them is optimal for artists. There is always something that stands in the way of those functionalities to be the ultimate tool for artists.

While one depends on audience brought from other platforms, the next platform price policy may want to juice out more money from artists than is necessary or even be focused on adult content creators.

That is what Artunio is all about. – to create a platform where all needs of artists are met.

Artunio is a big project – as you can see. It requires a lot of effort and resources to become a reality but nevertheless we all think it is worth it.

Help us create a social network for you by supporting the project and choose one of the perks!


If you have a question. Just take a look at our blog, where we answer the most frequently asked questions.

Who is Artunio created for?

Artunio is created for artists, audiences and everyone working in the cultural and creative industry. The platform serves anyone ranging from performers, creators, managers to even patrons either as individuals or organizations.

Artunio special features

Promote and manage events easily with our Event Manager

Pin your event on the Artunio map and let people in the vicinity of that location be notified that there is an event they might be interested in and directly buy tickets. Reach people interested in this type of events from greater distances.

Present and sell your art easily through Artunio Gallery

While galleries are still one of the best options, their vulnerability was shown during the pandemic with artists looking for alternative ways to show their art to collectors. Artunio Gallery is meant to connect artists, galleries, and collectors around the world.