Artists and art lovers all love the same thing, so there’s no need to feel distant anymore.

Be first to establish an authentic relationship!

No ‘likes’, just be yourselves

• Impact over likes – artistic work cannot be perceived with the number of likes, you will instead be able to let someone know how you were impacted

• Let an artist know if their work left you educated, inspired, moved or simply all of it!

• Express your true self – no need to follow ridiculous rules, trends and compromise who you are just to fit the grid

Meaningful interactions between artists and audience

• Chat groups – communicate with your favorite artists on a more personal level

• Communicate your projects and creative process with your audience and fellow artists.

• Supportive and open culture – art is a universal language for people from all backgrounds and cultures worldwide. Feel free to express yourself.

Stay connected through art, because of art

• Interest Groups – Form your own community for like-minded artists and art lovers

• Public yet intimate – When you create a post, you can share it in one of the layers — public, group, exclusive and also to your private circle – friends.

• Meet and invite artists or other professionals to your project. Network and gain access to other projects as well!

Support your favorite artists and gain access to exclusive content

• Support artists – artists often create a lot of value but for free, now everyone will have an option. Choose to donate however much you like to any specific artist.

• Exclusive content – Get behind the scenes and into the minds of your favorite artists by becoming a regular supporter.

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