Channel your true creativity for better arts and a better world.

Be first to create an everlasting impact!

Create lasting impacts through people

• Impact – the core of artistic and cultural work. Let’s impact the world in a positive way with art, one person at a time!

• Daily, weekly and monthly impact count – How many people have you impacted today, this month or this year? This is what will keep you going!

• Impact offline – You can impact people also during offline events, performances, workshops etc. There’s nothing like a live interaction!


 Enhance and express your originality

• Get inspired – find the inspiration you need for your own projects!

• Value art properly – without constant distraction from mainstream social media and constant irrelevant ads

• You will be able to explore art your way, no more clickbait or viral posts to distract you or steal your thunder

Learn, share and grow with like-minded communities

• Learn – Meet and learn from the best artists and exchange great ideas

• Share – Share your discoveries with one particular artist or your whole community

• Grow – Get instant updates and gain industry wide knowledge from your fingertips

Network and connect with people active in the arts and culture

• Meet new interesting people in the art and culture space and expand your reach even further

• Own messaging system for all users for effective connectivity and collaboration on all the amazing projects

• Artunio Gigs is also a part of the many Artunio Features designed to help artists with their work.

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